About Us

So, what is TheFarmClub.net?

TheFarmClub.net is a sporting news/editorial blog that strives to bring fan perspective to a global level — all the while promoting and networking sporting media enthusiasts.

It is more than just ranting; we strive to bring sports information in a thoughtful, fresh, and entertaining manner.

Since our creation in March of 2012 a lot has changed, but our motto remains the same: Global Sports, Local Perspective.

We are not run by SEO-hungry editors, we don’t have strict requirements, and we certainly do not want to make your experience with us one of hard labor, but rather, a labor of love.

If this sounds good to you, we want you to write with us!

This is what some of our staff has to say about their time at The Farm Club:

“I was asked to contribute baseball content by a representative from The Farm Club back in March. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, because, toiling in anonymity as I was, it felt like I was doing everything I could to not be found. Nevertheless, I quickly agreed to become a contributor, and it’s been one of the better decisions I’ve made. The Farm Club is run by knowledgeable, helpful people who were gracious enough to provide me with ample creative control, while also coming up with excellent ideas for content themselves. I very much look forward to continuing to write for them.” – Steven Werner, Mariners/MLB Writer

“In nearly a year of being a part of The Farm Club team, I have had the privilege of watching this site grow from a blog on WordPress.com to a legitimate source of information/entertainment in the world of sports. Like many of my fellow writers, I joined The Farm Club not to just write about sports, but to have a chance to do something that I am extremely passionate about. I have come to know those same writers not only as members of the same site, but as friends on a personal level. If anything, The Farm Club is more like a family than a business. A family that would very much like to have you join us.” – Jesse Kirkendall, NFL Editor/Steelers Writer

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