Oilers Fans: Dazed and Confused but Bleed Blue, Orange and White

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Oilers are not what everyone figured they would be at the beginning of the season and although the Oilers players and coaching staff are all frustrated, this season has left their fans dazed and confused.

Dedicated and passionate about the game of hockey, Oilers fans have been waiting patiently for their team to become the team that the entire NHL told them they would be. A playoff contender. A Stanley Cup Champion. Year after year, they are given the same lines from the Oil management and year after year the results have been the same.

But in three of the last four years the Oilers have drafted first overall in the NHL entry draft picking up Taylor Hall in 2010, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in 2011 and Nail Yakupov in 2012. Not to mention acquiring highly touted free agent Justin Schultz in 2012. This allowed the optimism to be the highest it has been in Oil Country and around the league for the Oilers in over 2 decades. With some of the performances from Oilers players last year this looked to be the year Edmonton turned it around, a breakout season but after a 7-16-2 start the Oilers fans are left with a look of confusion on their faces.

I have spent my fair share of time on twitter, blogging websites and on Facebook where one Facebook page (Edmonton Oilers Fans) has over 14,000 Oilers fans that have come together. That is the largest fan page that I could find for any NHL team on Facebook. There is one consistent theme with Oilers fans throughout the world of the internet and that is that there is no consistency. Some fans are outright mad, some fans feel this year is just another building block. Other fans are mad at the mad fans. People are crying for the Oilers management to be fired and young stars must be traded while others want nothing to change and they say the Oilers need to leave it alone and let it happen. It is pure madness.

After reading all of the comments and concerns, which one person cannot possibly read without a Pshyc degree and two or more pots of coffee, I have come to the conclusion that Oilers fans, probably like Oilers management, are confused as to what is happening with their beloved Edmonton Oilers. They watch game after game and ask questions like “how can it be possible?” ” How are they a basement dwellers again?” “ Why am I paying eight dollars a beer to watch this?” “Weren’t we suppose to be better?” They are left googling, binging, Yahooing. Searching for the pre-draft player rankings again this year to see what possible 18-year-old player will be joining the roster next year and if he can make the Oilers better.

Sure Oilers fans are tired, frustrated, dazed and confused there is no doubt. There is one thing Oilers fans are not and that is that they are not and will not be giving up on their Oilers anytime soon. They may start twitter accounts like @KevinLowemustgo  but with over 2000 people waiting to be a season ticket holder and Oilers fan caves as far as the eye can see, Oilers fans are some of if not the best fans in the league.

It seems there is a sink or swim mentality amongst these playoff hungry fans and no matter what they tweet or change their Facebook status to in a “drunken stupor” or out of frustration after the game, they will paints bodies, be wearing, jerseys and getting ready to cheer on the Oilers again before the next game. Weather it is sitting in front of their televisions in their comfy chairs at home, at their favorite pub or in their seats at Rexall they will always cheer for the Oil and they will always be Oiler Fans.


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