Buffalo Sabres: It’s Time For Darcy to Go


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At what point does a players desire or committment end with a team? Especially one that that player has spent his whole career?

This is what I would love to know especially with Thomas Vanek. He wont come right out in the media and tell you he is done with the Sabres. He will be in Minnesota next season. I have been saying that since July and I don’t have a problem with that.

Why, you ask? Because his shelf life with the Sabres has expired. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he has given up fully on the team; he’s out there, he’s playing and trying to make a difference but how can he captain a team that is so young? It’s a tall order.

I will be the first to admit I am on the bandwagon to fire GM Darcy Regier and coach Ron Rolston. I respect all of the opinions out there and won’t attack people for the opinions I have heard, however I have been criticized for my opinion of firing Regier and Rolston. I knew this was a rebuild year and I am not going to say I thought the Sabres would win the Cup, but after preseason I was a little more hopeful.

Maybe Rolston has too tall an order and is not to blame, that he’s out there letting them just find their game, but is that fair to Vanek and goalie Ryan Miller? If we as fans knew this was going to be a rebuild and this was going to be a miserable season, then why keep them here? Why not allow them to flourish on a competing team? I understand Miller has a list of ten teams and it makes it harder to move him.

In order to make a change on the ice and in the fan base, Regier has to go and there is no amount of evidence your going to present to me that will make me change my mind.  I am willing to let Rolston have a little bit more time to work on it but Regier has to go.

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  • Dave Todaro

    You are absolutely right but I don’t know if I’m willing to give Rolston more time. Every time I see the look on his face behind the bench he looks like a sad, lonely and confused man prone to fits of emotion. He doesn’t project as a leader.