Corey Crawford Signs Six Year Extension with Blackhawks

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Corey Crawford inks a six-year contract extension worth 36 million dollars on his day with the Stanley Cup. What a day, folks.

Crawford’s play was in constant discussion last year. It started with whether or not he should be the starting goaltender in the regular season. Then all he did was put up a .926 save percentage with 1.94 goals against average, and along with Emery, bring home the Jennings Trophy. T

hen he absolutely stonewalled every team he faced in the playoffs as the media shouted GLOVE SIDE right in his indifferent face. All he did there was outplay every single goalie put in front of him to the tune of a .932 save percentage and 1.84 GAA. He got jobbed on the Conn Symthe, but I’m pretty sure his is feeling fine with his new paper and Lord Stanley’s embrace.

Truth be told, this is a weird contract. I honestly had a blog all set to go about how Stan wouldn’t negotiate a Crow deal during the season and this situation would be the hot story line next year. I never thought it would get done before the 2013-14 season even kicked off.

The cap hit hasn’t been set yet, but the terms have been released at 6 years $36 million. That is a lotta cheddar. His AAV will be higher than Marian Hossa in the coming years. With monster deals to Toews and Kane set to hit the year after next, Stan must really be banking on the cap rising.

But really, look at some of the other contracts handed out just last year. In 2013: Jimmy Howard 6 years $32 million, Kari Lehtonen 5 years $29.5 million, Mike Smith 6 years $34 million. If you don’t think Crow is in the same class (or better) than these guys, you are a damn fool. With the cap increase, these numbers might look pedestrian in 3 years if Crawford can work himself into one of the NHL “elite.”

All in all, the best course of action is as usual “In StanBow We Trust.”

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