Mets Notes: Bullpen Costly Against Marlins; Losing 7-5


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For the second time, the Mets get great pitching from their starter and the bullpen doesn’t keep it together as they fall 7-5 to the Marlins and go to 2-2 on the year.

Jeremy Hefner pitched great tonight, going 6 innings with only allowing 1 run. The questions about him seemed to be answered tonight, but it was only one start.

The Mets Through Four

This guy deserved a win tonight.

This guy deserved a win tonight.

Jeremy has good movement on all of his pitches and throws strikes, exactly what you ask from a # 4 starter.

The biggest concern for Hefner was that he threw over 100 pitches in only 6 innings. He needs to be a bit more efficient with his pitches, try to give this team another inning or two (they need it). But going forward, I feel very confident in him as our # 4 guy.

Now let’s focus on what most Mets fans are going to complain about: the bullpen.

Yeah it hasn’t looked great, and tonight was no different. Scott Rice looks good so far, and his sinker works for Citi Field, iy’s Greg Burke is who I’m concerned about.

Two appearances in and he hasn’t done a thing to impress anyone. Don’t be surprised if the Mets send him down to activate Aaron Laffey for Sunday.

Ike Davis continues to prove he isn’t ready for the MLB. Besides the home run two days ago, there hasn’t been an at-bat where he’s impressed me.

Maybe it’s still too early, but this looks just like last year. He’s trying too hard and has a tough time going the other way.

Pitchers know that and keep putting them out there. He needs to adjust.

As for the defense, David Wright is arguably the best defensive third-baseman in the game. That is all.

Daniel Murphy belongs at second base. Don’t believe me? Check out that 8th inning. That relay throw and great diving play to keep Stanton from scoring makes me feel quite comfortable with him there all year. Oh yeah and there was that 3 run shot he destroyed to the opposite field.

Ruben Tejada is off to a really rough start at SS. Three errors in four games.

Adam Rubin tweeted that in 112 games last year, Tejada only had 12 errors. Just something to keep an eye on.

Lucas Duda is starting to take more pitches, and I like it. It’s making him be more selective and it’s paying off. Drawing walks is something he did not do last year, nice to see.

Speaking of taking pitches, Terry Collins is getting in a bad habit of having his player take on a 3-0 fastball; it needs to stop.

Too many hittable pitches are being let go. It’s one thing to work the pitch count, but you can also chase him out by tagging him for some runs.

However, Jordany Valdespin proved to everyone why he is not a MLB starter. He doesn’t lay off much, especially  bad pitches.

When Valdespin managed to get on base he got picked off on a stupid play, and the play which ended with him being hit by the ball was simply poor base- running.

What About Buck?


The ace takes back the mound tomorrow.

All this talk about Travis d’Arnuad is great, and he’s going to make an impact when he gets here. But he first will have to take the job from John Buck, who impresses everyone.

Buck as called the game well behind the plate, and his bat is just an added bonus. A nice thing to have in the dugout.

The grit from this team showed again tonight as they battled back from being down 6-0 to making it a game in the 9th.

Ike drawing a walk was huge in the 9th as was the Nieuwenhuis double. Duda going up the middle for an RBI single shows how he is improving.

Being gritty is what this team needs to pride themselves on. This grit can keep them in games and help them win.

Well it’s on to another one tomorrow. The 2-2 Mets take on the 1-3 Marlins with Jon Niese going against Ricky Nolasco in what is a duel of these two teams’ aces. Should be a good one, Let’s Go Mets.

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