Biggest Shootout Fails


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he couldn’t believe it either

After catching the highlights of the Ottawa vs. Boston game where Daugavins tried something on Tuukka Rask in the shootout (LINK) that most people who play hockey (myself included) will try only during warm-ups, I had an epiphany for TFC:

“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I compiled a list of the biggest shootout fails in recent memory?”
“Sure, but it’s been done before on Sportscentre and other sites..”
“Not on TFC it hasn’t!”

So, not only did I have this EUREKA! moment but it would appear that I also had an entire conversation by myself.

But I digress. Off the top of my head, here are some that I thought I’d share with you all.

Please note that this is in no particular order and the (dis)honoured members of this wall of shame are based on what I can remember.

Ilya Kovalchuk on Jhonas Enroth – 11/20/2010

[youtube_sc url=""]

Jebus H. Murphy. Even an elite like Kovalchuk can botch it up.  He didn’t even try to attempt anything after he lost the puck…he knew…he just…knew. KNEW THAT HE WOULD MAKE THIS LIST!

Steven Stamkos on Marc-Andre Fleury – 1/5/2011

[youtube_sc url=""]

Anytime you lose an edge and end up on your ass during a shootout, you will undoubtedly end up on someone’s fail list such as this.  The “Macedonian Killer” (I scoffed at that nickname the first time I heard it the other day and even now as I wrote that, I cringed), like Kovy, is a sniper amongst snipers.  Here he reminds us that he too, is human.  Possibly a cyborg.

Dustin Brown on Tim Thomas – 11/20/2010

[youtube_sc url=""]

Looks like Brown tried to do too much at the last minute and lands on his posterior.  If you look closely, it appears that Timmy Thomas is having a laugh.  Wonder what that guy is up to these days.

Patrick Kane on Tomas Vokoun – 10/3/2009

[youtube_sc url=""]

For the 09-10 season, the NHL held games in Helsinki and Stockholm to kick things off.  On October 3, 2009, the Florida Panthers and Chicago Blackhawks played a game that went into a shootout.  It was here that this particular fail occurred.  Kane skates in with good speed and was able to make a few moves but Vokoun got a piece of it. And then…just watch at exactly 0:08 of the video.

Patrick Eaves on Pekka Rinne – 3/27/2010

[youtube_sc url=""]

Eaves skates in with good speed, tries to do the leg-kick fake-out and not only stumbles once but twice and lands on his side/back, going into the boards.  You can see a sheepish grin on his face when he gets up.  Something like that…you can only laugh at yourself, shake your head and move on.

Dennis Wideman on Corey Crawford – 2/2/2006

[youtube_sc url=""]

Only a rookie at the time, Corey Crawford would poke-check Wideman on this attempt to create one of the most infamous shootout bloopers of all time.  Just watch…and laugh.  He got some pretty good hangtime as he went “wide”. Har har.

Devin Setoguchi on Carey Price – 3/1/2012

[youtube_sc url=""]

No words can describe this.  He blows a tire and…just watch for yourself.


[youtube_sc url=""]

I’m not sure where this is from but GODDAMN! Poor kid, whiplash, possible concussion?

I am sure there are plenty more out there, if you can find them, feel free to add the link in the comments section below.  This is all in good fun, respect all that go out there and do this on a daily basis.

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