NBA Shootermetrics, Vol. 13

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Shootermetrics is a weekly slice of individual NBA offensive performances, focusing on the league’s best scorers and worst shooters; divided into 2 power rankings that will cover the performances over the past week.


The season is just over halfway done and the All-Star Weekend approaches next weekend.  Also this week the Celtics continued their win streak with Rajon Rondo out to seven straight wins which is surprising, and the Wizards also went 3-0 this week.  Onto the list:


Best Scorers of the Week

  1. Carmelo Anthony makes his way back onto the list this week after he posted a week high 42 points last night in a loss to the Clippers.  ‘Melo also added 36 points on Friday night, 31 points Wednesday night, and 27 points Monday night.  For the week he averaged 34 ppg and shot at least 50% in three of his four games and also shot at least 45% on threes in those three games as well.  ‘Melo is back on his game after having an off week last week.
  2. LeBron James is a close second this week after he had four straight games of at least 30 points.  James scored 31 points Monday, 32 points Wednesday, 30 points Friday, and 32 points last night (all Heat wins).  James shot at least 61% in those four games including two games above 80% shooting.  James had one of his best weeks of the season and the only reason why he was second was best of Carmelo Anthony’s game last night.
  3. James Harden moves back onto the list this week after he scored at least 30 points in three of four games (three straight).  Harden only had 18 points on Monday (in 30 minutes which was his shortest floor time of the week) in their huge record-setting win against the Warriors where the Rockets scored 140 points and made 23 three pointers.  The rest of the week Harden scored 36 points Wednesday night, 35 points Friday night, and 30 points last night.  Harden is 4th in the league in scoring and a week like this keeps him high on this list too.
  4. Tony Parker had one of his best weeks of the season when he had three games of at least 29 points (including two 30 point games).  Parker took over on offense this week with both Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili sitting out some time.  Parker had 31 points both on Wednesday and Friday night and finished the week with 29 points last night in a huge win over the Nets.  Parker shot at least 47% in all three games this week and showed that he’s still one of the best point guards in the NBA.
  5. LaMarcus Aldridge makes the list for the first time this season as he put together a great week where he scored at least 25 points in all four games this week.  Aldridge had 25 points both Monday night and last night and also scored 27 points Wednesday night and 31 points Friday night in a loss to the Rockets.  Aldridge averaged 27 points for the week and shot at least 50% in all four games this week.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Samuel Dalembert had a huge 35 point game this week coming off the bench for the Bucks.
  • Dwayne Wade had two 30 point games this week displaying why he deserved to be an All-Star starter next weekend.
  • Brook Lopez, David West, Steph Curry, and Al Jefferson all had 30 point games this week.
  • Jamal Crawford, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Paul Pierce, Kyrie Irving, and Kobe Bryant all had multiple games of at least 24 points.
  • Jerryd Bayless, Jeremy Lin, Eric Bledsoe, O.J. Mayo, Kevin Garnett, Danny Green, Eric Gordon, and Ty Lawson all scored at least 27 points in a game this week.


Worst Shooters of the Week

  1. Brandon Jennings takes the top spot this week after he shot no better than 33% in all three games this week.  Jennings shot 5-for-15 and 5-for-16 in back-to-back nights this week and his worst game was when he shot 8-for-27 (under 30%) in a game Saturday night in which he still managed to score 26 points.   Jennings has been a regular to this part of the list and this week his inefficiency caught up with him.
  2. Jameer Nelson takes the second spot on the list after he shot 37% or worse this week in three games.  Nelson shot 6-for-16 Wednesday night and 5-for-16 Friday night in back-to-back losses and had his worst game of the week last night when he shot just 4-for-18.  Nelson will likely continue to be on the list because the team he plays for is offensively challenged and he will need to carry much of the load (while shooting at a poor percentage).
  3. Damion Lillard makes the list again after putting together one of the worst shooting lines seen for Shootermetrics.  Lillard shot just 1-for-16 last night (less than 10%) and that alone got him on the list this week.  He did shoot over 50% in two other games this week which kept him from the top spot.  Nonetheless, Lillard is one of the better scoring point guards in the league already but he still needs to work on improving his efficiency.
  4. Steph Curry makes the list this week after he shot 50% just once this week with his three other outings being at 35% or worse.  Curry shot 3-for-12 Tuesday night, 5-for-20 Wednesday night, and 8-for-23 Saturday night.  Also the Warriors lost all four of their games this week.  Curry did have a great 32 point game this week but his poor shooting in the other games got him here.
  5. Brandon Knight rounds out the list as he shot 47% or worse in all four games this week.  Knight shot 20% or worse in two games including a 2-for-10 outing on Monday night and an even worse 2-for-13 line Saturday night.  Knight’s role is likely in flux with the addition of Jose Calderon in the trade last week so his shooting numbers could be all over the place.

Unwanted Mentions:

  • DeMar Derozan, John Wall, Rudy Gay, Klay Thompson, and Luol Deng all had multiple poor shooting games this week.
  • Evan Turner shot an ugly 1-for-10 in a game on Wednesday night.
  • Caron Butler, Ben Gordon, J.R. Smith, Monta Ellis, Kemba Walker, Roy Hibbert, Jrue Holliday, Eric Gordon, Metta World Peace, and Deron Williams all had a poor shooting game this week.

Shootermetrics will be back next week with a special All-Star version covering the best and worst of the first half of the NBA season.


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