NBA MVP Power Rankings 7.0


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NBA MVP Power Rankings Through Feb. 11


1. LeBron James, Last Week: 1

James is playing on a whole different level and it is laughable to think that anybody in the NBA is better than him. In the past 5 games, LeBron has shot 71.4% from the field and has shot 56% on the season.

In the past two decades, only two players have shot over 56% with 18 or more attempts per game; LeBron and Shaquille O’Neal.

To go along with these incredible shooting stats, LeBron has averaged 8 rebounds and almost 7 assists per game. He is by far the best player in the NBA and he’s running away with the MVP award at this point.


2. Kevin Durant, Last Week: 2

As LeBron is clearly the best player in the NBA, there’s no doubt that Kevin Durant is the second best player.

The Thunder are on a 4 game winning streak and a big part of that is Durant, who is leading the team in scoring while also contributing significantly with rebounds.

While he is playing great, Durant needs LeBron to have some bad games until he is considered close in the MVP race again.



3. Carmelo Anthony, Last Week: 4

There has been a bit of a backlash against Carmelo, who’s 42 points weren’t enough to beat the Clippers on Sunday.

Some say he’s too selfish to be the leader of a contending team and cite his lack of playoff success as a reason. While that’s true so far in his career, this is definitely the best team that Melo has played on and he is the leader of this team.

He’s playing great basketball and much like LeBron James last year, he’ll have to wait until the postseason to prove himself. For now though, Melo will have to continue to play well and be satisfied to be the league leader in scoring.


4. Tony Parker, Last Week: 5

While Gregg Popovich has the tendency to rest some players on his team due to their age, Tony Parker is consistently on the court and plays well when he is.

In the past week, Parker scored 29 points and had two 31 point games while the team with the best record in the NBA went 2-1. Parker flies under the radar in San Antonio but he’s playing great and it’s showing with the success of the Spurs this year.



5. Chris Paul, Last Week: unranked

Chris Paul started the season great but has fallen out of the MVP race in the last couple of weeks due to injury. He returns this week, after a great performance in a big win against the Knicks. While one game isn’t enough to assume that Paul is back to full strength, it’s apparent how much he means to this team when you see the way that they play in his absence. Paul is definitely very valuable to the success of the Clippers.

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  • @RealPaulBeroza

    I dont think Lebron is clearly, or that much better than Durant. Lebron shoots 56 percent but takes more shots per game and scores 2 points less than Durant. Lebron is also the main distributor for his team and averages over 2 more assists per game but I think the argument can be made that if Durant had the ball in his hands as much as Lebron his assists numbers would be pretty comparable. Durant is also, in my opinion, the best fourth quarter player and scorer in the league and is great at game winning shots which lebron is not.