VOTE: The Worst Person(s) of the Year

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With the Calendar year wrapping up, The Farm Club’s staff wants to know one thing. Who was the worst person, or persons in sports this year?

Here are the Nominees!

Replacement Refs:

Being a professional referee is no easy task. The replacement refs are proof positive of that. Roger Goodell (see below) gathered this group of rag-tag referees to fight off a labor dispute with Officials.

The result? Pure chaos. Which climaxed on September 24th, when perhaps the worst call in NFL history was made by the Replacement Refs which led the Seattle Seahawks to a victory, and the NFL fan base calling to arms.

Since then, Ed Hochuli and friends have returned, as well as the love-hate relationship NFL fans have with them.

Opposed to the pure hatred for the Replacement Refs.


Gary Bettman:

bettman lockout

The name alone is enough to bring even the nicest of NHL fans to a rage similar to that of “28 Days Later“.

No Winter Classic.

No NHL season in sight.

No love for Bettman.


Lance Armstrong:

NIH-lancearm2Lance has always been a polarizing figure in sport, but this year was a doozy for Armstrong.

After dropping his defense from the courts things only got worse for the once cycling great who now joins the great Floyd Landis in terms of infamy.

Stripped of every award worth having, pounds of evidence against him, and lastly being dropped from the Foundation he created.

And you thought Steve Jobs had it bad (Rest in Peace BTW)



Roger Goodell:

It’s no secret that the folks at have a strong distaste for Goodell, and why not?

Thursday games on 3 days rest? Safety first!

18 game season? Talk about $$$$!

Abandon the kickoff? Sounds exciting!

The repeal of “BountyGate” from an arbitrator? way to go commish!


So there ya go, the worst of the worst in the sporting world from 2012!

Now comes the fun part. You, yes you, can have a vote to decide who is the worst once and for all!

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