Five Nicknames The NBA Must Embrace

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The Farm Club has been buzzing over the recent New Orleans name change from the Hornets, to the Pelicans. We have heard both sides, the for, and the against.

Which ever side of the fence you are on we can agree on one thing; there needs to be more name changes in the NBA.

We all know some nicknames in the NBA just don’t fit, so let’s explore some alternative names. Including a throwback or two…

Bring back the Bullets

In 1997 the Washington Bullets became the Wizards; crime rates and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin were cited as reasons by Wizards owner Abe Pollin as reasons for the change.

However, it is time to bring the name back. Is it edgy? sure, but in a society where naming teams after stereotypes is the norm (see Redskins and Indians), it shouldn’t be an issue to name a team after a projectile…

See, we can even have a politically correct logo!

Sure, keep the name out of Washington D.C. which was one of the most violent cities in America. Let’s compromise by changing the Utah Jazz to the Utah Bullets, fair enough? Besides when is the last time you heard that Utah was the hot bed for Jazz? Oh yeah, never.

Plus with Gilbert Arenas out of the NBA the league can finally embrace gun references again!

The Flight

MJ, Magic, Dr. J, LeBron, Kobe (in his prime), etc..; all defying physics with their art of human aviation.

Isn’t it time we embrace their awe-inspiring skills in a team? A great city for this would be Charlotte. Located in North Carolina, which just so happens to be the home of the first flight of the Wright Brothers.

For kicks have the team honor the State’s college basketball culture by adding some sky and dark blue, as an ode to UNC and Duke. Sorry NC State, and Wake Forest.

History, and style. Sure as hell beats the “Bobcats“. David Stern would be wise to use his supreme executive power to embrace this nickname.

The Stars

The Clippers honored the ABA’s L.A. Stars last season

Another throwback, this time to the old Los Angeles Stars of the ABA, which had two runs, 1968-70, and 00-01.

It can’t be denied that Los Angeles is full of celebrities, and It is time that the NBA embraces this and returns the name to L.A.

No I am not talking about the Lakers. God forbid we are reminded that zero fresh-water lakes exist in the City of Angels.

Besides, the team has way too much history in the name to even think of a blasphemous move such as changing the name.

But why not the Clippers? It’s already a nickname that most don’t even know the reference to. Which for those playing at home is referring to sailing which was fitting for their previous home, San Diego.

However they aren’t sailing in Los Angeles; embrace the name and give the progressing Clips a fitting title.

The Soul

Guess what animal doesn’t live in Memphis? The Grizzly Bear.

Guess what resides in Memphis? Sweet southern soul; exemplified in the many tastes of music that inhabit the city.

There is no name that speaks for a city better than the soul. The NBA is almost synonymous with music, musicians playing basketball and vice-versa, and this would be a great touch to that mutual relationship between the two arts.

Besides just say Memphis Soul out loud, gets you all warm inside doesn’t it?

The Royals

While it has been beaten to the ground, it bears repeating: Chris Bosh = Raptor

Yes, yet another ode the ABA, but ever since PF/Mascot Chris Bosh left the Toronto Raptors. The prehistoric name has really lost its allure in Toronto.

With that being said, the franchise should abandon the dinosaur and take up a name with meaning and elegance, The Royals.

It alludes to not only the Royal Mounted Police, but the Royal Oak. Which is the tree King Charles II hid to escape during the English Civil War.

You can’t discount the English influence in Canada, and this would be a great nickname that would stand the test of time; unlike the dinosaurs…














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