The Five Most Obnoxious Fan Bases in Sports


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Being a die-hard fan can lead people to do many stupid things, but here are The five most obnoxious fan bases in sports who take it to a whole other level.

Sports is supposed to bring out the best in us. It’s supposed to bring out teamwork, leadship qualities, make you tougher, make you a MAN RAAHHHR YEAH WARRIOR. As fans, it’s supposed to bring us together to inspire our favorite collection of laundry and helmets on to victory.

Every team has its fair share of nimrods; that truly special class of idiot who makes you not only ashamed that you share the same rooting interests but that you share the same species. Really, asshole giving the eleven-year-old in the row behind him the finger? You can’t control your stupidity for three hours so that I can watch the game and not HATE YOU?

And what about the idiots that extend past the stadium and the game, manage to figure out how to get a computer and turn it on, then get online and paste their stupid opinion everywhere like it’s the gospel?

As stated: every fan base has these people.  The same mouthbreathers who made jokes and said horrible things in the comments section when posted updates about the Jovan Belcher situation in Kansas City exist within your fan community.

But collectively, what are the worst fan bases in sports? Before we get into it, just a few disclaimers: this only covers the big four sports and college football. I don’t follow soccer, cricket, handball, or beer pong. MAN SPORTS ONLY.

Honorable Mention: Duke Basketball –

Fuck you

They have their own official Twitter Obnoxious Fan, fergodssake. Notoriously arrogant and entitled, the Cameron Crazies are hated across the country. I’m pretty sure the line to blow Mike Krzhyhsghihsogoey or however the hell you spell it would be almost as long and ludicrous as their Krzyzewskiville tenting situation.

I know only one Duke fan and semi-hate him so it’s hard to fathom what it’s like for anyone actually living near a whole hoard of these people. Hell, Slate even did a piece on the 18 Most Hateable Moments in Duke Basketaball history.  Really? Only 18? Seems drastically low.

Now, for the list in no particular order:

Ohio State —


This is just in general and if you’ve ever shared this opinion, try living in Ohio. Jeebas. Take a look at this excellent, scathing piece from Clevescene summing up fans of THE Ohio State University.

These people are not only arrogant, obnoxious, and moronic but also prone to bouts of violence as well. Stories of cars with Michigan license plates, not even University of Michigan apparell on it, being flipped in Columbus during Michigan/Ohio State week. Beligerent, drunk Buckeye fans verbally and physically harassing Wolverine fans for having the gall to show up to root for their team.

Not to say that every OSU fan is this way — it would be quite something if every person in a single fan base was one way or the other — but when you meet those “die-hards”, usually seen in their Buckeye hat, sporting a goatee or mangled looking beard, and some form of OSU swag on their chest, you can tell just how much it means to them.  In that unhealthy “clearly hinges their personal happiness on their sports team” sort of way.

Not to mention they praise neanderthals and cheaters.  Woody Hayes, former legendary coach of the Buckeyes who saw his coaching career come crashing down after punching a player during the 1978 Gator Bowl, is treated like the Football Jesus by these people.  And I discussed the crowd giving Jim Tressel a standing ovation during the first quarter of the Ohio State/Michigan game this year. These two are spoken about in hushed tones throughout the fan base while their wrong doings are basically ignored.

This combination of stupidity and douchebagness equal rare air for THE Ohio State University.

Boston Sports —


We’re not just limiting them to one sport, oh no. This group of CHOWDAH heads manages to be totally unbearable across the entire sports landscape. You know you’re pretty obnoxious when Philly is calling you obnoxious.

There may have been a time when Boston fans were “loveable losers”; a tolerable group of fans because they suffered like the rest of us yet kept coming back in droves. But then the titles started. The Patriots ripped off three titles in four years. The Red Sox won twice in four years. Then the Celtics and Bruins joined the party. But these assholes would have you believe they have sports fan problems. How many times can Bill Simmons complain about something Tom Brady does wrong before anyone stops taking him seriously? “Zero”. The answer is “zero.”

And the accents. Oh dear sweet Jeebas, the accents. “YAH DON’T LIKE THE FACKIN’ SAWX? WHAHT AH YAH, QUEEAH?” News flash: far fewer people give a flying shit about the stupid Red Sox and Yankees than any of you people think. We hate you ALL.

The worst part is that there is no escape. If they keep winning, we’ll all hear how they’re the greatest thing ever.  If they lose, they’ll assume they can take back the mantle of the tortured fan even though they can never do that again because they just won seven titles in a decade span.

These shit-sippers will never, EVER leave. The world will devolve like The Walking Dead but the enemy will be decked out in TAHM BRADY jerseys.

New York Jets —

Fireman Ed

To be honest, I’m not even sure if this is because of the Jets themselves or the fact that the fan base is predominantly from New Jersey.  You can see how that’s a problem either way.

This is the fan base who let a faux-fireman sitting on his buddy’s shoulders be the face of their group. The same fan base with one of the worst chants in sports (“J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!”). The same fan base that cheers for a team that starts Mark Sanchez at quarterback.  That would be a deal-breaker to any level-headed fan.

Not to mention that the team isn’t that good and never has been. They made two AFC Championship games, sure. But even then, they were clearly a team being lifted by their defense.  But that’s not what foot fetishist coach Rex Ryan would have you believe! This (formerly) fat douche made/makes it so easy to hate this team and their fan base because he runs his mouth and they love him for it.

This has been one of the best years ever as a sports fan because the Jets are a horrific, flaming wreckage and their fans are being silenced.  Here’s to one more year of the Mark Sanchez era!

Montreal Canadiens —

This one was tough, what with Leafs fans constantly spouting the superiority of a team that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967. But have you ever met or spoken to a Montreal Canadiens fan? Especially if they’re from Quebec?

Look, this isn’t just because I hate Quebec.  I do and with a raging passion. But holy entitlement, Batman.

Every Canadiens fan will spout about how great Carey Price is (he’s not), will speculate when every superstar with ties to Quebec comes up in trade rumors (who won’t go to Montreal because their cap situation is such a mess they actively play Scott Gomez), and will generally bitch about how they haven’t been great in years (they haven’t even been good).

Sure, they have the most storied and successful franchise in hockey. They have more hall of fame players than anyone else (probably) and a lineage of French Canadian stars no one in the sport can compare with.

But reminding everyone of that history does nothing to change the fact that your team blows goats now and that every hates you always.

Pittsburgh Sports —

No, the Pirates aren’t included here because people would actually have to pay attention to them and attend their games.


Fans of the Penguins and Steelers have the same superiority complex and the same annoying accent. “Yinz gotta root for Crosby! He’s da best player since Mario was in da ‘Burgh!” GOD KILL ME NOW. Those stupid terrible towels waving at Steelers games. Stupid Omar Epps on the sidelines.

The worst part about these people is that, when talking about the Steelers, they preach the organization does it “the right way”.  What the hell does that mean? Is it supposed to entail James Harrison battering his helmt into the heads of opposing players like a ram? Does it mean Ben Roethlisberger sloppily forcing himself on drunk females in the bathroom of a club?

And the crying for Sidney Crosby. HOLY SHIT. As a hockey fan, it’s unbearable to speak with a Penguins fan about anything related to that team.  Any time Crosby is touched, it’s a travesty and a blemish on the game itself but that cheapshot artist can punch a guy in the balls while his teammate restrains the guy and it’s totally cool, you guys. He’s just a LEADER showing GRIT AND DETERMINATION.

There were many other groups to cover (I’m lookin’ at you, Vancouver/Los Angeles/Detroit fans) but there’s only so much time and so much hate to go around.

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  • Jon Ross

    I’m a fan of all Michigan and Detroit teams and I really enjoyed hate-reading this article (thanks for giving us a teeny shout-out, by the way). There’s nothing I enjoy more than hating Sidney Crosby, Ohio State and the whole sphere of Boston sports fandom. All of those things are the worst things ever. I don’t really have personal beef with Jets or Canadiens fans, but I’ll just go ahead and believe you. I only know one Canadiens fan, and he’s a perfect gentleman (of course, he’s not from Quebec either so I don’t know if it counts). It’s true that all teams have idiots in their fanbase. There are fans of Detroit teams that I would just as soon ship to Ohio, because they embarrass the rest of us. Go Red Wings! Go Pistons! Go Blue! Go Green! Go Lions!

  • blake lessard

    i feel like in order to fully embrace the obnoxiousness of duke basketball, one must go there. just on their campus even. it would immediately rise to the top 3